• Executive Career Transition
  • Interview Performance
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Creating a Dynamic CV
  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Performance improvement
  • The Modern Job Market
  • New Job Preparation


The Executive Career Transition Specialist with a reputation for inspiring, focusing and transforming the careers of senior executives who seek to realign direction, establish new objectives or challenge personal barriers. Recognised as an accomplished presenter, particularly when delivering difficult or motivational messages to sceptical or discerning audiences.


Establishes close-working relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Applies considerable drive and energy to stimulate awareness, motivation and achievement. Delivers essential, focused and effective coaching support to executives, senior managers and teams across a broad commercial base and the full spectrum of technical and personal abilities.


Develops self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence, enthusiasm and motivation, by addressing the concerns and fears that inhibit performance. Enables clients to recognise where they add value, to identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, determine their key aspirations and achieve beyond their perceived limitations or expectations.



  • Feeling that you could be doing better, but not sure how?
  • Wish that you had more self-confidence or greater self-esteem?
  • Frustrated by slow progression or unfocused career direction?
  • Waiting for your next promotion - but how to prepare for it?
  • Irritated by relationship challenges within the Executive Team?
  • Held back by the fears of public speaking - or your limitations with it?
  • Recognising that it is probably time to move on - but how? And where to?
  • Forced to make career or job change through restructuring or redundancy?
  • Needing to create a powerful CV that will work in today's job market?
  • Facing a job interview and concerned about how to present yourself well?
  • Just starting a new job and want to ensure you succeed?
  • Closing a business and needing to set a new direction?
  • Wanting to become an Interim or Consultant and need to position yourself correctly?





  • Building/Rebuilding Self Esteem;
  • Building Self-Awareness;
  • Identifying Key Value-adding Strengths;
  • Creating Powerful CVs;
  • Driving Success in the Job Market;
  • Personal Presentation and Interview Skills;
  • Managing Career Transition;
  • Responding to Culture Change;
  • Succession Planning/Preparation;
  • On-boarding – the first 100 days;


  • Building Self-Awareness;
  • Resolving Internal Conflict;
  • Realigning Behaviours to New Corporate Cultures;
  • Overcoming Performance Blockages;
  • Building Confidence & Self Esteem;
  • Raising Individual & Group Performances;
  • Powerful Presentational Skills for Executives;
  • Driving Change and Transition;



  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities and Nuclear
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals / PetroChemicals
  • FMCG, Food & Drinks
  • Automotive and Aviation
  • Mining and Minerals


  • Media & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • IT Strategy and Systems
  • Armed Forces
  • NHS & Emergency Services
  • Local Government
  • Retail & Security
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Housing Trusts
  • Service Providers


  • Career Inspirations

    The Executive Career Transition Specialist
    1995 - Current

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