• Interview Performance
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Creating a Dynamic CV
  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • CV Preparation


Career Inspirations brings a totally unique approach to career transition and management, combining research into the psychological resistance to change, the negative effects of low confidence and self esteem, with years of practical experience of working with executives and senior managers in all aspects of career development and transition.

We have a passionate belief that every individual, no matter what their current situation or position, educational background or qualifications, age, gender, experience or sector speciality, can significantly raise their game to achieve beyond their perceived limitations. This passion has inspired many to set new horizons, achieve new levels - and make good people great!

We combine leading edge, recognised coaching techniques with well-researched and specially developed approaches to enable individuals stand out from their peers. Meeting clients' needs - more than they could find elsewhere. When clients were looking for support, they were concerned that everywhere they looked they found poor materials, poor performance, low commitment, limited expertise, no real empathy and worst of all - no inspiration!

Our Founder, Bernard Pearce, has a wealth of experience working closely with senior clients right across the entire private and public sector spectrum. He has developed a very different approach that helps clients to succeed in their careers and the current job market. It was his clients who identified a need for the uniqueness that Career Inspirations now brings - a breadth of personal improvement areas that enable them to manage their own careers, find new careers if they needed one, excel in their existing role or next one, to become masterful public speakers, or to develop their executive teams.


  • We specialise on Key Executives - at both Board and Operational Director level, and Senior Managers.
  • We challenge executive thinking - of their key strengths and value, and the barriers that prevent improved performance.
  • We inspire clients to reach beyond - overcoming their perceived limitations, transforming confidence and self esteem.
  • We help to make 'good' people 'great'- by helping them to recognise their true value-adding strengths, focusing on specific areas where they will excel.
  • We have a unique approach - to help clients achieve much more.

Area of Expertise



  • Realigning to new organisations
  • Facilitating retention or release
  • Re-focusing direction or energy
  • Creating a powerful CV
  • Interview preparation


  • Identifying value-adding strengths
  • Improving work performances
  • Powerful presentation skills
  • Job Interview preparation
  • Raising confidence and self esteem
  • Personal energy and motivation


  • Improving internal visibility
  • Preparing for the next role
  • Increasing success in new roles

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