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As I approach my 30th year in business I look back, autopsy my past ventures in detail, and with 20/20 hindsight, I truly understand the confluence of circumstances, resources and attitudes, that enabled my success in business.
While it was a roller-coaster of a journey, with as many lows as highs,
I am proud of the fact that I am completely self-taught. The things I have learned, the tools I use, were all forged in the fires of failure, continuous refinement, and real world application.

The products and services I choose to deliver, and even the relationships in business I cultivate, all tend to be focused around two key areas:
1. Does it make the world a better place?
2. Will it help others, with a dream of business success to avoid some of the pitfalls and knowledge gaps that cause so many to fail in the attempt?

I have just completed my first attempt at writing. In my “Little Black Book” for entrepreneurs, I will share some of my top tips and secrets that made me successful. Connect with me & email me if you would like a complimentary eBook version.


My company Red E Limited is a Social Enterprise that works with Companies and their staff achieve their full potential using a unique training system. Our clients typically see significant impact in the areas of overall organisational performance, staff engagement with organisational strategy, and overall increase in loyalty and commitment to the brand by both clients and staff.
Proven by scientists and designed by psychologists, our material is built on over 25 years of scientific & academic research, field testing, and refinement.

Our team is pragmatic, no group hugs or sales closing tricks in our program. It is delivered in-house to both business & Charity sector organisations, by an experienced business veteran with a focus on getting results.
We offer a free Keynote speech on how to build a “momentum of success” * to groups 10 or more, that consistently delivers an informative and positive experience. Typically its 40-50 minutes and a CEO or Sales director would replace their monthly meeting with our keynote, or incorporate it into a staff retreat or away day. It’s a great, no obligation, way to see our program in action, while enjoying some immediate positive impact for your team. Please contact me if you’re interested, or for more information.
As a social enterprise, we balance our corporate programs with training for individuals getting started in business for the first time. Called (very creatively) “getting started in business” it is an affordable 10 week program that has a very high level of success in getting a business from concept to making CASH in a short time. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not making cash, we give you your money back.


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