Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd believe that Integrity, Clarity and Protection are core components in recruiting the ideal candidate, building and sustaining your current work force and establishing a company's success trail. Our clients are dedicated to our services because they understand that they can outsource all their recruitment demands in a cost and time effective manner. Not only do we have a respectable number of highly skilled candidates, but we provide all our service charges upfront, so that you can employ any number of our candidates without having to meet any hidden extra charges. That is because we believe in the aforementioned core components which serve as the same business ethics, our clients and Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd adhere to.


We are the only Recruitment Agency in the whole of the United Kingdom which has integrated a text-to-speech software on our website. We strongly believe in allowing everyone, including disabled employees, the opportunity to apply for our specialist posts. By adhering to the provisions of Paragraph 54 of the Equality Act of 2010, we can assist you in recruiting anyone - irrespective of their personal constraints - who can fulfill your recruitment criteria.

We specialise in all disciplines, whether it is Sales; Business Development; Security or Media. Collectively, our Recruitment Consultants have 25 years of interviewing and recruitment experience. Moreover, rest assured, as our recruitment director - G-Fatimah Ali- has 10 years of experience has an Immigration Officer working across all airports in the United Kingdom; is qualified in all aspects of Immigration Law (via The CILEX Law School); and is a trained and certified associate member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and Institute of Recruitment Professionals (AIRP) . Therefore, not only will you be recruiting an ideal candidate who qualifies to work and live in the UK, but you will assisted in complying with all matters pertaining to employment and recruitment.


  • Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd

    Recruitment Director
    - Current
    Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd
  • UK Border Agency

    Immigration Officer
    100+ Employees 2001 - 2011

Clubs and Associations

Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd is an associated member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) and certified by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Interests and Hobbies

Ali & Co Recruitment Ltd is interested in assisting all SME's who have been established for a period equating to 12 months or more. We are happy to assist companies who wish to recruit 1-50 candidates on a full or part-time basis.

Our ideal candidate most have the financial provisions in place to recruit in accordance with the following:

Our Recruitment Service is bifurcated into two unique fees: Pre-Screening and Post-Screening

1-50 Positions per Recruitment Campaign

  • (Salaries of £9k-20k per annum) Recruitment Fee per candidate: £699 pre-screening £500.00 upon placement

1-50 Positions per Recruitment Campaign Salaries of £20001k-40000k

  • Recruitment Fee per candidate: £800.00 pre-screening £600.00 upon placement

1-50 Positions per Recruitment Campaign (Salaries exceeding £40000k)

Recruitment Fee per candidate: £1200.00 pre-screening 9% of annual fee upon placement (to a maximum of £4500.00)

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