I'm a experienced coach and facilitator with specialist expertise in managing stress, overcoming sleeping problems and personal development.

If you'd like to work with me, you need to be serious about leading a more enjoyable, fufilling and healthier life. That's not to say that the experience will be dull or downbeat! In fact it will often be the reverse! But I take my clients seriously, providing them with high quality support and you'll need to do that too if we are to make a winning team. So if you'd rather book yourself an exotic holiday or upgrade your car, that's fine with me. But if you'd rather sort out the sleeping problems that are incapacitating you or the stress that's slowly driving you mad or the life that somehow isn't cutting the mustard, then welcome! Let's do it!

I'm a highly experienced coach with particular expertise in reducing and managing stress and overcoming insomnia.

I'm also a Fellow and Trustee of the International Stress Management Association (UK) with responsibility for Standards because this stuff is too important to mess around with. 

As well as 121 coaching,  I provide leadership refreshment events, lunchtime Breathing Spaces and Retreats to re-invigorate and rebuild confidence. 

Contact details 07967 968821


This course exceeded my expectations. It goes beyond sleep management to ways to deal with general life stresses. It's really changed my life.Sleep Well  participant.

Working with Frances gives me time and space for myself to refocus my mind and body on the priorities in life.



The quality of feedback from Frances' sessions on workplace wellbeing has been consistently high, and reflects the high degree of subject knowledge, professionalism and integrity evident at all times. For those attending her workshops, this translates into an infectious enthusiasm for the principles by which Frances believes we should all try to live and work.

Alison Scott Continuous Professional Development Manager EMFEC

Frances is enthusiastic, empathetic and genuinely committed to my success. I would happily and without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for professional and high-quality coaching.

Simon Bates.

Thanks for commenting on how well I looked. Its amazing how beneficial a step back can be, with some good help. Thank you so much for your help.


Frances - Just to say a very warm "thank you" for your session this afternoon. Mary and I both feel that you hit exactly the right note and that today represents the start of a new phase in our College well-being strategy.

Ruth Brinton, Vice- Principal, Hereford Sixth Form College

I would also like to thank you again.  I have already started to implement some of the changes you recommended – hence the delay in replying to your email (I only read emails during working hours now!)

Alison Timmins 






If I could say one thing to you it would be this:

Take yourself seriously. Be true to yourself.

Take your courage in both hands and live your life on your terms.

Do this thoughtfully and respectfully and you’ll be delighted with what you find.

In my work I see many people who, for one reason or another have got themselves stuck in the shallows, not knowing how or when to strike out. Settling for second best, always putting other people first, not believing in their own importance or recognising their own unique potential. 

Or maybe just putting up with stress, bad sleep and unhappiness, not believing that you can do someting about it - and more easily than you think. 

Now it's great to be the strong and independent type who can work things out for themselves but there are certain times in everyone's life when it just makes much better sense to get some proper support. 

If you are serious about tackling your stress or sleep problems or making a significant life shift, I will help you get back into the flow. I’ve done it myself and supported many people to do it.

I can work with you individually and as a co-facilitator on Sprout’s personal development events and programmes.

Facing up to whatever is bothering you or holding you back is not the easy option. It takes courage and determination. You may have been avoiding it for some time, hoping that things will somehow improve. But usually they don’t. Ignoring it can have very unpleasant consequences: ill health, chronic stress, relationship problems, career damage, cynicism, fatigue….

If you know what you want (and why) and you have the confidence, focus and skills to get it, life is simple (and often wonderful).

Lack any one of these ingredients however, and it will be a struggle.   A breeding ground for frustration and anger, boredom, depression, resentment, stress and strain.

I love to see people full of life. People who are open to new ideas and experiences, who are not afraid of giving something a go, knowing that whatever the result, they will have learnt something valuable.  Men and women who have that strong inner confidence that comes from knowing how they tick, what floats their boat, what goes against their principles.

I'd like you to have that opportunity too, because I believe that everyone deserves the best possible chance in life. Whether it's more stress than you can handle, or insomnia that's ruining your quality of life, or just a feeing that somehow you've lost your sense of who you are or where you're headed, then you don't need to struggle on alone. We can work together. 

I have a very pragmatic, focussed  and empathetic approach. You will learn a whole set of personal strategies and tools so that you too can be full of life and back in control of how you live and work. 

Just contact me to find out more. I'd love to hear from you.

0796 796 8821


  • Sprout

    1 - 5 Employees 2014 - 2015

    Leadership refreshment development programmes.

    Stress Management and Sleep Well  Coach.

  • brightsparktraining Ltd

    Founder and Director
    1 - 5 Employees 2007 - 2015

    Coach and facilitator of stress management and wellbeing staff development programmes, Advisor on organisational wellbeing policies and practices. 

  • International Stress Management Association UK

    Fellow and Trustee
    6 - 20 Employees 2003 - 2015

    ISMA (UK) is the leading professional membership body for stress management professionals. I was invited to become a Fellow in recognition of my contribution to this industry. 

    I have also served on the Board for the past two years as a Trustee with specific responsibility for Accreditating programmes and Standards. 

Interests and Hobbies

Lover of the Great Outdoors

Sea kayaker


Book lover....and learning to dance





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