Established for 8 years, Touchstone was built on my experience in Commercial and Corporate finance over 30 years, working with SMEs of all sizes, from new starts to larger SMEs with t/o £50m+, whether looking at funding to expand through natural growth or acquisition, MBOs and MBIs and supporting those involved in the import/export markets. Touchstone is an independent brokerage looking to find both the best price, but also the best fit for any SME both now and for future. Ideally we look to work with SMEs on an ongoing basis, but for many on just a one-off basis.


With the fragmentation of the commercial funding market, and with many businesses unaware of the range of new funding options, whilst offering mainstream commercial funding options through the high street banks, Touchstone's specific area of expertise is in the new alternative funding market, especially for B2B businesses. We specialise in invoice finance, whether full factoring facilities or single invoice finance with over 45 funders on our panel, but also a growing range of peer to peer funders/crowdfunders able to support newer SMEs but also an increasing number of B2C clients.


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