Increase YOUR Self-Awareness ❤️

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Increase YOUR Self-Awareness ❤️

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Awareness of your thoughts and emotions is important to all self-evolving practices. The more you listen to your own mind and body, the more you will realise the role it plays in your life.

Have a go at it - watch your thoughts and emotions today! What are they like? Supportive and empowering generally or critical and limiting? ❤️


Many of the trappings of our life start in the mind then reflect in the body. As you learn to trust and cooperate with the universe, you must move beyond these inner limitations. Let go of the addiction of negative thought. Become aware and practice the ability to strengthen your awareness button over time to see what is hindering you. ❤️


Meditation is particularly helpful to increase your self-awareness. As your meditation practise grows, you may notice the adversarial nature of thoughts.

By working on yourself to clear these negative thoughts and emotions, you naturally will begin to trust more. This comes from the realisation that many areas of your life are organised and enjoyed through a force bigger than you. ❤️


Play Big! ❤️❤️❤️


Life is a magical mystery tour. If your life needs some alignment from stress and anxiety then I would like to invite you to a free 5-day challenge on dissolving stress and anxiety with myself. A best selling published author, meditation teacher and award winning coach. ❤️


Starting Monday 26th April finishing Friday 30th April. This is an opportunity to have an insight into one of the Freedom Alignment Method secrets that I use with my VIP clients to get them life changing results from stress and anxiety. It is also an amazing space to part of a community of incredible humans. ❤️


Click www.kirsty-bortoft.com/5daychallenge to register. It will take twenty seconds. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Please share with all your friends, work colleagues and family.

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