4 Ways A Health and Wellness Business Can Write Better Copy That Converts More Clients

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4 Ways A Health and Wellness Business Can Write…

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There is a common misconception that colourful websites and beautiful images is enough to attract clients.

But guess what? That’s not the stuff that is going to make a meaningful connection with people, who are going to be inspired to take the next action of becoming a paying client.

Because the most important ingredient to attracting new clients is the words you use…

Especially if you want to speak to the deepest core desires of those website visitors who keep turning up on your page and not acting …

So, to help you craft a message on your website that speaks directly to you ideal clients, you have 5 tips below, that will help you write copy that attracts more sales.



  1. Identify with the problem

The first step is to identify the problems that are causing your ideal client’s pain. Brainstorm 5-10 problems and then identify the problem that is currently causing your ideal clients the most negativity.

Next, you can start to craft your sales copy and weave in threads of the empathy aligned to the solution you are presenting.


  1. Focus on the benefit

Next you want to focus on the benefits instead of the features of your product or service.

How do you make people feel better?

Benefits give your customers a reason to buy because they explain how your product or service improves their lives.

 If you are struggling to translate features in to benefits, answer the question “so what”?


  1. Use Social Proof

Social proof is a great way to demonstrate how you could help people resolve their current pain, because people like to see other people who have previously struggled with the same problem and have now achieved their aspirations

People often look at the reviews and testimonials before they make a purchase.

You can make this easier for them by making them prominent on your website.


  1. Create a clear call to action:

Have a clear call to action that illustrates the next steps you want your readers to take.

Don’t be frightened to bullet point the step-by-step process you need you reader to take, so they move on to the next stage of your customer value journey.

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Good Example

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P.S- What I have just taught you is important, but it may not be the most important growth strategy for your business right now. 

I have identified 30+ additional growth strategies, so lets schedule some time when we can figure out the ONE BIG THING you should do first...

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