Reasons for a Workplace Employee Investigation

INSIGNIS Investigations Professional Investigator

Reasons for a Workplace Employee Investigation

Reasons for a Workplace Employee Investigation

A workplace investigation is conducted when there is credible information there may have been significant wrongdoing, misconduct or ethical lapses. A workplace investigation may also be appropriate even if there have not been specific allegations against an employee or department, but there have been allegations against others, and the investigation is intended to exclude the possibility that wrongdoing occurred within the company.

An investigation is, in the first instance, fact-finding. Investigations determine, fully and credibly, what happened with respect to a particular incident – whether suspected conduct did or did not take place; what the circumstances were; who was involved; whether a violation of law or company policy occurred. An investigation must be perceived as having been thorough, independent and analytical.

Any of the concerns below are valid reasons to instigate a workplace investigation.

Fraudulent sickness / injury
Corporate / Commercial espionage
Breach of Contract
Disciplinary matters
Professional ethics and integrity
Adherence to security protocols and data management

Business Goals of the Workplace Employee Investigation

Properly conducted investigations improve the business, either by identifying areas of unacceptable business risk or flawed business operations which expose the company needlessly. You should have a clear idea from the outset about what the purposes of the investigation are and what the goals to be achieved are. The goals could be any of the following:

Minimising business risk.
Identifying weaknesses in business operations.
Removing certain individuals from the company.
Recovering company assets that were lost because of the misconduct.
Obtaining the criminal prosecution of those involved.
Protecting the company’s public image and reputation.
Preparing for anticipated civil or criminal litigation involving the company.
Understanding your goals ensures that the investigation stays focused.

So why choose INSIGNIS Investigations as your investigator?

Few people in a corporation are trained investigators. Even if you have business experience conducting interviews and obtaining information from employees and others, you may not have actively participated in many workplace investigations. The techniques and goals of these investigations are often different.

Your Company’s Board of Directors will expect us to conduct a prompt, effective and thorough investigation. With a reliable understanding of the facts, we can advise Company management of the consequences that may be expected to flow from the matter under investigation.

INSIGNIS Investigations observes each of these basic principles:

Proper Mindset

Doubt is one of the primary attributes of any investigator. Investigators must be appropriately skeptical. An investigator should not assume that management or employees are honest and telling the whole truth until the facts are gathered and the inquiries are complete. We have sufficient imagination to develop sufficient theories against which to compare factual evidence as it develops. We will persevere until the
anomalies are resolved and the fact pattern is thoroughly understood. Finally, we have patience to find the smallest detail that less-experienced people may overlook but that can provide that vital clue or inconsistency. INSIGNIS Investigations can discover the truth as a result of our ability to inquire and learn from that inquiry.


The essence of professionalism is that our investigators conduct the corporate investigation with integrity, fairness and diligence. How the investigation is conducted reflects the professionalism of the company. Often the integrity of an investigation is judged by the reputation of the investigators. The way INSIGNIS Investigations conducts an interview, for example, sets the perception that we and the company take the investigation seriously, that we mean what we say, and that we will do what we say we will. INSIGNIS Investigations will always act with professionalism meaning treating everyone involved with respect.


Both investigators and decision makers should protect the company and those who work for it. All investigators must be free from actual or apparent bias or conflict of interest. Consideration must be given to whether an investigator’s judgment may be affected or criticised by previous biases or political considerations, whether real or not. For example, an in-house investigator should not investigate the conduct of his or her superiors. Also, in-house investigators who witnessed the underlying conduct should not participate in the workplace investigation. Our independence means that everyone gets a fair chance, and that all investigation subjects are each investigated in the same manner, with the same professional, impartial, objective treatment.


The quality of an employee investigation also depends on the competence of the investigators. Our ability to investigate and interview effectively is an acquired skill. Our Investigators have the experience and the expertise to conduct a credible workplace investigation. Insignis investigators understand how to interview witnesses, manage documents and other records, and to maintain any applicable privileges to the extent possible. Also, our investigators will be fully informed about company policies, procedures and company history. Investigators should know the management controls and strategies employed by the relevant business unit. Workplace Investigators must be able to contribute to the discussion of risks to the business, highlighting potential likelihood or severity of risk areas. The investigative team will also be mindful of the various legal and business implications of the investigation and the techniques used to gather evidence relevant to the allegations.

Structuring an interview to obtain the most information possible, either through careful questioning or through exploiting the weaknesses in a witness’ story requires substantial preparation and analysis of all available evidence. The company must consider the circumstances of the interview and the backgrounds of the witnesses in selecting an interviewer.

Our skill-set in this area can be adapted to suit your needs, whatever the situation. All our staff are trained and experienced in interviewing to the standards and regulations as laid out in The Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE] (1984).

Objectivity and Impartiality

Throughout our lives, we develop our own set of values. These values influence the way we live and the decisions we make. These values are subjective. They are shaped in part by gender, by education, by race, by intellectual capacity, and by personal experience. But these have nothing to do with the reported conduct in an investigation which must be viewed objectively. All information will be reviewed by us and analysed using the same standards, and the findings in an employee investigation will be based on the facts, not an opinion filtered through the investigator’s personal value system. INSIGNIS Investigations understands these factors and we act appropriately and with integrity.

We specialise, through robust investigation and covert surveillance, in delivering evidence you need relating to:

Fraudulent sickness / injury
Corporate / Commercial espionage
Breach of Contract
Disciplinary matters
Professional ethics and integrity
Adherence to security protocols and data management
We also offer the ability to formally interview individuals and take their statement as a matter of official record in disciplinary matters and incidents pertaining to gross misconduct.

Call us now on 0800 009 6423 and speak to a specialist.

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