Budgeting, are you doing it?

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Budgeting, are you doing it?

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Love the idea of budgeting but no idea if it will benefit your business, the answer is YES IT WILL!


Having an achievable realistic budget can help provide you with focus and assist you in achieving your goals.

Main things to consider:

  1. Make sure your budget is challenging but achievable – you need something to aim for and push you but at the same time you don’t want to make it too difficult as it will just put you off and end up being ignored.
  2. Use it as a way to clear out unnecessary costs – you will have so many costs you didn’t realise you were paying out for. If you don’t need them, get rid!
  3. Once set, make sure you compare your actuals each month to the budget – if you don’t use it, what is the point in having it? Make sure you are checking how you are performing against your predictions. If one month doesn’t go to plan, you can make sure you push the next to catch back up.


If you need any help with budgeting & forecasting for your business, it is one of our favourite areas! Get in touch – email katey@prosperbailey.com or call 01244 421206.


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